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24th June 2024 
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Therapy session(s) are at the same time(s)and place each week. You would need to be able to set aside this time for yourself at least once a week. I offer twice or three times weekly sessions where appropriate.

Sessions are always for 50 minutes. They always begin and end at the same time for the sake of planning, reliability, continuity and to enhance the quality of the work we do together.

My usual fee is £50 per session.

If you think you would like to proceed with therapy the next step is to arrange a meeting with me. This would be a 50 minute session at a time when we would both be available for regular weekly meetings. I charge my usual fee for this session. We might also decide to arrange a short free phone call to answer any initial queries before meeting.

I welcome enquiries by phone (07718487596) or e mail

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Therapy can be very helpful because it offers a reliable containing space for you to be heard and to have time to express yourself in your own way and at your own pace. This reliability and continuity enables you to get to know more about yourself. You could become more familiar with any conscious or unconscious patterns or habits you may have developed. You might learn more about the way you think about yourself and operate in relationships. You might find that painful feelings and experiences can become more bearable and even creatively useful in your life.

Therapy can help you to learn more about how you manage your thoughts, feelings or sensations and how to develop more of a sense of your own ability to choose how you respond or what actions you can take.

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What would suit you best?

During our initial meeting we can decide together whether to work for a set number of sessions. This can be 6 sessions or 12 or any agreed number of sessions. We can then work within this towards an agreed ending date. Short term work can help with resolving current issues which are troubling you.

Or we might decide to work together for longer in an open ended way so that you can work through a process until we think you are ready to end. Open ended work might involve working with more unconscious processes within your relationship with yourself and others. More notice would need to be given before ending. Longer term work can help to resolve deeper more entrenched difficulties.

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